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realtor® ethics 2019-2020

This new REALTOR® Ethics course explores where our business decisions come from, and satisfies your new 2 year REALTOR® requirement for ethics training in the state of Washington.

30 hour renewal package

Get all the hours you need in one place with the easiest way to renew your license. Renewal course package includes both mandatory requirements of Core and REALTOR® Ethics among others.




Current Issues in WA Residential Real Estate 18-19.  This course provides an overview of recent changes and new topics to satisfy the WA Department of Licensing core curriculum requirement.

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dissecting the statewide inspection forms

This class takes apart all aspects of the Inspection Form #35, and Response Form #35R. Also included is a thorough discussion regarding Form 21 Notices, Form 21 Computation of Time, and Form 22R, U, S, & V.

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closing your contingent sale

Achieve success with the contingent sale. You will learn how to structure your contract effectively. N.W.M.L.S. Forms 22b, 44, 46, 39, 90K, 90L, the process, bumps, and responses are all covered in this course.

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Selling real estate can be a fun and rewarding profession, but it can also be risky due to the number of strangers you may encounter while on the job. This course covers basic safety and security issues in the profession.

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FENG SHUI FOR real estate

Location, location, Feng Shui! This informative workshop provides a solid foundation in Feng Shui basics plus an in-depth exploration of Feng Shui principles, case studies, and practical solutions for buying, selling and staging a home.

transition of a lifetime

Have you ever helped a senior move from a lifelong home? If so, you know how complex that can get. Learn strategies, advice, and resources that will help you streamline the whole process without doing extra work yourself.


Learn about Washington State requirements for conducting proper inspections, as well as how to identify issues or conflicts that may arise when working with various Property Inspectors and their affiliates.